Hello Everyone! Are you a slugabed? Me? Of course I am! The world wouldn't be normal if there were no slugabeds around. What is a Slugabed?Slugabed is a relatively uncommon noun meaning “a person who lazily stays in bed long after the usual time for arising.” The noun slug, “a snaillike animal; a lazy person, sluggard,” developed from … Continue reading Slugabed


Hi Everyone! Do you know someone that doesn't hesitate to do something for you in a second? Are you there in a second when someone calls? Sometimes you don't even realize a person is "benignity." Okay everyone, look around in your world and see if you can find a person. If you can't think of … Continue reading Benignity

Daily Prompt: Recreate

Recreate Hi Everyone! Have you ever recreated?  Yes you! So what have you recreated in the past? Do you have plans for entertainment in the future? Do you like to recreate on a moment's notice?  You want me to answer first? Okay. Amused Entertained Regaled  Refreshed Divert Now it's your turn! Have a great day! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Recreate

Daily Prompt: Marathon

Daily Prompt: Marathon Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Have you ever ran a marathon? Now I mean a real marathon, not running to the grocery store. Not running to the cleaners.  Not running to the movies. Not running to the gym to get on the first treadmill before others. Don't worry I haven't either!  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Marathon