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Hello Yarn!

Knitting-Yarn-3Hi everyone!

I bet you are thinking I’m going to talk about yarn that I knit with.
You are incorrect!

My mistake on the title. I should have put Yarn Tellers (storytellers).

Can you think of any yarn tellers?

See the source imageAbe Lincoln;


Walt Disney; See the source image

Why is storytelling important?

The Boyhood of Raleigh by Sir John Everett Millais, oil on canvas, 1870.
A seafarer tells the young Sir Walter Raleigh and his brother the story of what happened out at sea

Storytelling describes the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisationtheatrics, or embellishment. Every culture has its own stories or narratives, which are shared as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation or instilling moral values.[1] Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plotcharacters and narrative point of view.

The term “storytelling” can refer in a narrow sense specifically to oral storytelling and also in a looser sense to techniques used in other media to unfold or disclose the narrative of a story.

Disambiguation Storytelling may also refer to:

I learned something new today, how about you?

Have a great day! woman-writingHope

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Hello Knitting!

Knitting-Yarn-3Hi Everyone!
Have you ever created something made out of clay, canvas, paints, yarn, metal, wood, fabric or your choice of favorite material.
I like to knit. When I start off adding the yarn to the knitting needle, it looks like – don’t have a word for it. kittens yarn
Then the next row, looks like no word for this one either.
Have now added another ten (10) rows, it’s looks a little like a whole bunch of yarn that has been knitted in a few rows.
Another ten (10) rows added, hey looking good, still don’t know what it is.
Another ten (10) rows added, look at this, I think it’s going to be a hat.
WOW! Can’t believe it!
After adding quite a few more rows, here it is

my “HAT”!

WOW crazy hat 2018

Have a great day!knitting clip artHope

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Hat made by me. My products are called –
“Hope’s Knitting Imperfections”

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Daily Prompt: Knit


Hi Everyone!

Knitting-Yarn-3WOW! Now this is a word I can handle. 
I love knitting all different colors, patterns, stitches. IMG_1594That’s as long as they are beginner, intermediate.

I try to learn a new stitch every couple of weeks. Let me tell you there are a lot of stitches out in the world. Not only for knitting, but also for crocheting. kittens yarn

What I like the most is you start with a length of  yarn and you watch it blossom into a beautiful hat, scarf, gloves, fingerless gloves, socks, garments. 

Have a great day! Hope cat_knitting_T glasses

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Daily Prompt: Yarn


Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

IMG_1593Yarn away! Love, love, love all the different colors, red, green, purple, yellow, orange, ombre (multi-color), etc, etc, etc, etc.

What do I do with all this yarn? I knit:
finger less gloves,
scarves, IMG_1594
baby blankets,
pet blankets.

  • It’s fun
  • It’s relaxing
  • It keeps brain in motion
  • No cobwebs in this brain!

I started last year by taking classes. There is a lot to learn, but you learn as you go along, plus You Tube helps also.

So yarn way – watch out for sales – take a class or two – don’t get frustrated (let me tell you, I have had my share of pulling the whole project apart!!!!)

Have a great day! HERS jpg_Crochet_Skunk_on_Yarn_COL

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Daily Prompt: Replacement

Daily Prompt: Replacement png_cute-sofball-girl-cartoon-character-waving-for-greeting-vector-illustration-isolated-on-white-background

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

How many baseballs did they replace in our game today?

png_oktoberfest-character-guy-running-with-barrel-of-beer.pngYeah! The replacement keg arrived just in time!

We finally got our replacement shoes for the next dance. png_couple_dancing_cartoon

png_job_3172007-046Today is the big day for replacements of my old clothes. Yeah!

png_bear_with_ball_of_red_yarnHere’s my yarn replacement color for the brown I was going to use for my special hat project.

WOW! That new megaphonepng_soccer-ball-faceless-cartoon-mascot-character-using-a-megaphone-vector-illustration-isolated-on-white-background replacement is sure loud! The bleacher is vibrating every time the referee uses it. 

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_017

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