Hi Everyone! Can you imagine walking down the street saying bah! Humbug? Bah! Humbug? Bah! Humbug to you all!!!!I don't care if you are young or old, all I can say is Bah! Humbug! to you all!!!! Yes I can hear those words! And of course the curious person I am, would ask them "Why … Continue reading Scrooge

Word of the day – Intricate

Hi Everyone! Hope: Hey Abby have you seen the intricate pattern Hannah has done on her garage wall.Abby: Yes I did. Stopped by her yesterday.Hope: Do you know when she started designing it.Abby: I think about three (3) months ago.Hope: WOW!Abby: It sure takes a lot of patience.Hope: That's why I'm so surprised Hannah did … Continue reading Word of the day – Intricate

Hello “A LA Carte”!

Hi everyone!  Have you ever wondered what "A La Carte" means? It took me awhile of the true meaning before the light bulb went on for me. It's not the way a food is cooked. It's not the way a food is served. It's not a specific menu of special foods. Some people don't realize … Continue reading Hello “A LA Carte”!

Comic Books

Hi Everyone! Have you ever read a comic book? In my era, we read comic books. Then the wise old world decided comic books should be banned, due to the wording wasn't proper English. And that my friends, the end of a great form of literacy. It was a struggle for some of us to … Continue reading Comic Books

Daily Prompt: Astonish

Astonish Hi Everyone! This statement is so true! How many colors, patterns are you wearing today! That many! Great job!!!!   LOOK UP IN THE SKY!!!!                        Have a day! Hope Assistance from: The Free

Daily Prompt: Premonition

Premonition Hi Everyone! Have you ever been walking, running, skating, or just resting and all of a sudden something pops into your brain? You stop what you are doing and scratch your head - what just happened? Hmm! I don't remember that happening at any time. Hmm! It must be something that will be happening … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Premonition

Daily Prompt: Pause

<a href="">Pause</a>  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Pause - hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Pause can also mean - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Pause can be a - WOW! WOW! WOW!  Pause is a - oh my gosh! Pause - take a breather or second thought you might want to step away first!! It's time for me to take a pause. Have … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pause