Hi Everyone! Have you ever been smitten? For one thing I dragged out my paper dictionary The New Merriam-Webster with a copyright of 1989 to see what smitten is all about. Are pages yellow you ask? Yes they are! Here's the meaning of smite - 1989 doesn't even have smitten - says to strike heavy, … Continue reading Smitten


Hi Everyone! My quest today is learning how to use WP Gutenberg. I watched two (2) You Videos. Pete McPherson for me he was techie Lisa Irby for me user friendlyThey were both great it just depends on your taste's. I feel like my brain cells are all tied up trying to figure out … Continue reading Quest

Word of the Day Challenge – Hope

Hi Everyone! What does "hope" mean to you? Hope to me means  Hope in Polish - Nadzieję, Hope in Welsh - Gobeithio Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Translator from Word of the Day - WOTD #word of the day #challenge #hope #blogging