Something New

Hello Everyone! There is always "something new" in the news each day as we all know. I'm looking for "something new" or should I say "something new, new"? Something new to me would be:Something new, new conversions with your friends, relatives, neighbors,Something new, found as you are going through items to give to charity and … Continue reading Something New

Daily Prompt: Frigid

Frigid Hi Everyone! All of a sudden you get a frigid feeling and you wonder what caused it? Ghost walking through your home? Building a snow person? A newspaper article or television news? Some delicious ice cream or gelato? What else can you think of? How about a person that is always mad or angry … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Frigid

Daily Prompt: Faceless

Faceless Hi Everyone! Look at those faces. Professor Dull must be very boring. Hey you over there! Did you use my marker? Why in the world would I want to use your marker? Why does that supervisor always have to embarrass his staff?  Would you trust those two (2) to catch you? Let's PARTY!!!! Have … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Faceless

Daily Prompt: Detonate

Detonate Hello! Hello! Everyone! Due to what is going on in the world including Chicago, IL USA where I live, I can't write about this word. Remember those that have been lost. AMEN! HERS  Pictures from & Graphics    

Daily Prompt: Devastation

Daily Prompt: Devastation  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. WOW! This word just takes my breath away! All over the world there is devastation with the weather.  The devastation you feel when a love one passes away! Tears flow from all, but remember  their time of dementia, pain, severe illness, etc are gone. They are now happy … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Devastation

Daily Prompt: Bounty

Daily Prompt: Bounty  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Let's see bounty can mean a couple of things. Bounty Hunter looking for a person that has a "bounty" on his/her head for something they did. Bounty to me is what I have around me. Relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintance. The love you generate to others and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bounty