Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Disrupt Hi Everyone! Am I disrupting your chatting time on the phone?Remember you're at work. Oh my! Mr. Jones white rat just escaped from his science lab. Oh boy! Now all his students will not out of his room until it's caught. Here we go again! Who do you think unlocked the cage door this … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Daily Prompt: Distant

Distant  Hello! Hello! Everyone! All the bloggers I know are quite a distant away from where I live. In miles we are distant but blogging keeps us close! How distant are you from your relatives? What is the distant from your home to work?  Have you ever known someone that all of a sudden became … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Distant

Daily Prompt: Glitter

Daily Prompt: Glitter  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Oh my gosh! Look at all the colors of glitter down this aisle. What colors shall we choose for St. Patrick's Day? St. Patrick is naturally green, gold, red, yellow, purple, orange! Wow the glitter will be flying all over the tables. Don't forget the pot … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glitter

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed with paper at work? There are days when I listen to the news it's so overwhelming with shootings, robberies, car crashes , smash and grabs, etc. I love the days when the weather is sunny, windy, mild temperature, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Overwhelming