Hi Everyone! Ouch! Ouch! Her voice pierces my ears! She's won the battle! Where are my ear muffs? Can you give me an idea when Ralph might be able to hit the target? Dot: Okay girls this should be the best tournament! Hope: Who did you put a wager on? Abby: Ralph is pretty good … Continue reading Hamartia

Hello Words!

Hi Everyone!¬† Did you know that eight hundred and fifty (850) words were added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary this year?¬† WOW! A few new words below. For more information please go to Merriam-Webster.com ¬†850 WORDS added!!!! I'll be reading from morning to night. I don't even want to think about how many days, months it … Continue reading Hello Words!

Daily Prompt: Recite

Recite¬† Hi Everyone! What words can¬†you remember to recite? Recite every word your mother said to you before you left for school, Recite every word your mother said to you before you left for work,¬† Recite every word your mother said to you before you said "I Do",¬† Recite every word your mother said to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Recite

Daily Prompt: Bitter

Bitter Hi Everyone! Hope all is well on this nice sunny day in Chicago, IL USA. Bitter, let's see we have bitter chocolate, bittersweet, bitter tasting¬† ¬†bitter smell, bitter look,¬† ¬†bitter sense¬†(wearing flip flops in the snow), bitter feelings, bitter words.¬† WOW! That's enough bitterness for me today!¬† AW!!!! Calming time.¬† Have a great day! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bitter

Daily Prompt: Uneven

Daily Prompt: Uneven¬† Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Uneven? UNEVEN??¬†Un-even??? Unevenly???? Can you believe it? - I don't have any thoughts, words, questions etc... Okay I just asked a question. I can never resist.¬†¬† Have a great day! HERS¬† Pictures from Bing.com https://ledrakenoir.wordpress.com,¬†https://nrinth.wordpress.com, https://frankprem.wordpress.com,¬†https://blissobirds.com, https://ladyleemanila.wordpress.com,¬†https://betchadidntknowthis.wordpress.com, https://dermotthayes.com/Postcard¬†from a pigeon,¬†hannibalthehat@gmail.com, https://myloudbipolarwhispers.com,¬†https://sandraconner.wordpress.com, https://serendipitiousweblife.wordpress.com,¬†https://angloswiss-chronicles.com, https://ladyleemanilablog.wordpress.com,¬†https://yoursuccessinspirer.com, https://andtwobecameone.wordpress.com,¬†https://msethi272.wordpress.com, https://wordsareallihavesite.wordpress.com,¬†https://nonsmokingladybug.wordpress.com, https://yournibblednews.com,¬†https://abhinextlove.wordpress.com, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Uneven

Daily Prompt: Ovation

Daily Prompt: Ovation¬† Hi everyone! Hope all is well! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! To all "Daily Prompt - Daily Post" writers, contributors.¬† WOW!¬†I am so glad I found WordPress.com and have learned how to work with "Daily Prompt - Daily Post". What I enjoy the most are all the people¬†I have met. You have ¬†so much … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Ovation

Daily Prompt: Fishing

Daily Prompt: Fishing¬† Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Right now I'm fishing around for words to write.¬† Remember the "fish" they left for "Godzilla" to eat in the movie?¬† What type of lure do you use for "fishing"? Depending on where you are you may use fancy lures, somewhere else you may use a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fishing