Hello Everyone! Hope: Here we go again!Abby: It's suppose to be a day of friendly chatter.Hope: And look what's happening.Abby: Gossiping about nothing.Hope: I hope someone is taking notes.Abby: Hope you are the only person that would think of that. Are you kidding?Hope: Just had to add a little "bonker" stuff to this blog! Have … Continue reading Nothing


Hi Everyone! Wicked, wicked, wicked!!! What wickedness can I stir up for Halloween 2019? using my favorite cleaning potion for my special cauldron, for my special recipes. Wicked ingredients needed:toads,spiders,newts,eyes of ???? not sure yet,dry ingredients - cinnamon, turmeric, garlic - fresh,liquid ingredients - vanilla, anise, chocolate chips,peanut butter - crunchy Well, that's the start … Continue reading Wicked


Hi Everyone! Are you a daredevil? Winston Churchill "No crime is so great as daring to excel". Do you have the nerves to be a daredevil? Amy Lauer "Dare to be different. Dare to be bold. Stand out in a crowd...Why would anyone want to fit in a mold? Be original. Be Amazing! Be YOU!" … Continue reading Daredevil