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A Catamount – what the heck is a catamount? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says: Any of various wild cats like “cougar” which can also be called “puma”. Cougar can also be a middle aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man.

Then we have “lynx” a wildcat with long legs, stubby tail, mottled coat and usually tufted ears. AKA bobcat. Lynx can also be a dim constellation between “Usra Major” and “Gemni” shaped like a Lynx. Don’t forget the Vermont Catamounts basketball team from the University of Vermont.

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Daily Prompt: Invisible

Invisible chesse discovering

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for any confusion on this post. I was trying something new, racking my brain out,  published it by mistake. If it worked correctly now you won’t be able to see the words. The words are at the end of my site. Thank you for your “patience”.

See the source imageInvisible man
Invisible womanSee the source image
See the source imageInvisible thread
Invisible ink See the source image

See the source imageInvisible money 

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PS: My writing is invisible for you not to see.
Really, my words are there.