Daily Prompt: Dim

Dim Hi Everyone! The light bulb is dimming, better get a new one. The lite candle is slowly dimming, it's close to the bottom of the wick. The sun is setting, dimming the sky, Soon the moon will be up, bringing a moonlit night.ย  Each day we dim a little ourselves. Then a surprise comes … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dim

Daily Prompt: Insist

Insist Hi Everyone! I insist you do the laundry today! I insist you do the floors tomorrow! I insist you do the windows Monday! I insist you change the towels and sheets on Tuesday! I insist you go on a two (2) week vacation to Hawaii my treat! Wow I would love to hear that … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Insist

Christmas is coming!!!!

Hi Everyone!ย  Milo's count down is getting serious now. He keeps looking out the windows and watching to the left, then watching to the right. He knows someone is coming but not quite sure who it's going to be. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art From Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com & HP Photo Creations … Continue reading Christmas is coming!!!!

Daily Prompt: Clean

Daily Prompt: Cleanย  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Here's my "to do" list: Clean floors Clean ovenย  Clean top of stop Clean microwave - yech! No one ever cleans up their boil overs Clean the windows and let the beautiful sunshine in Clean the side walk of all the left over salt from the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Clean