Pink Fairy Armadillo

Hello Everyone! Have you ever heard of a "Pink Fairy Armadillo?" Also known as; "Pichiciego" is the smallest species of armadillo, first described by Richard Harlan in 1825. This solitary, desert-adapted animal is endemic to central Argentina and can be found inhabiting sandy plains, dunes, and scrubby grasslands. Information from Wikipedia More information from Wikipedia "Pink … Continue reading Pink Fairy Armadillo

Cartoon Characters

Hello Everyone! Mr. Magoo What a character. No matter what he did it always worked out for him. Jetsons - Gave me a look of what could happen in the future. Gumby & Pokey - the first animated cartoon I saw way back when. They were the first stop-motion characters created and modeled by Art … Continue reading Cartoon Characters


Hello Everyone! Hope: There goes Nins running around for volunteers.Abby: What do you mean?Hope: She handles the krewe for Mardi Gras, parades of all kinds. Abby: You have to be Kidding? Nins even handles our parade?Hope: She sure does!! She has handled our hat parade from the beginning.Abby: Hope let's take her out for dinner. … Continue reading Krewe

Aesthetically Appealing

Hello Everyone! "A New World to Play In" is a new Apple Arcade game using the song "Welcome to My World". In the commercial as each second changes to a character they are singing "Welcome To My World"Welcome To My World sung by Dean Martin in the 1967 as a studio albums.Welcome To My World … Continue reading Aesthetically Appealing


Hello Everyone! Have you noticed the commercials where all of a sudden people start playing the KAZOO? All of a sudden I'm moving my feet and ready to join them but I don't have a KAZOO!! So I wondered what the KAZOO was all about.Well a KAZOO play actually hums instead of blows in to … Continue reading Kazoo


Hi Everyone! acanthochronology What a word. Have you ever studied the word above?I know what your thinking, Hope you are truly, truly bonkers.This fun full word means you are a person that studies cactus spines and/or Euphoria Thorns. boxology This word isn't too bad. It kind of gives you a hint of what it can … Continue reading Ology


Hi Everyone! Merriam-Webster definition of nosegay: a small bunch of flowers : POSY definition of nosegay:A nosegay, posy, or tussie-mussie is a small flower bouquet, typically given as a gift. They have existed in some form since at least medieval times, when they were carried or worn around the head or bodice. Collins definition of nosegay:a bunch of flowers; small bouquet, esp. for carrying in … Continue reading Nosegay