Wicked Additions

Hi Everyone! Wicked Cauldron is super clean Granny Hazel's store is open today and she has fresh stock.The ingredients I need to complete my recipes are below:rat tails,bats for stirring up foam, star anise,vanilla - double strength,ginger chunks,cherry tree branch, (check for cherries),pear tree branch with blossoms, turmeric,saffron,pomegranate, make sure it's nice & plump,cardamom (cake … Continue reading Wicked Additions


Hi Everyone! Wicked, wicked, wicked!!! What wickedness can I stir up for Halloween 2019? using my favorite cleaning potion for my special cauldron, for my special recipes. Wicked ingredients needed:toads,spiders,newts,eyes of ???? not sure yet,dry ingredients - cinnamon, turmeric, garlic - fresh,liquid ingredients - vanilla, anise, chocolate chips,peanut butter - crunchy Well, that's the start … Continue reading Wicked

Daily Prompt: Panoply

Daily Prompt: Panoply Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Okay who came up with this word?  Okay I think I have something now - was getting worried! Did you see that dude moved right in front of everyone in line? Boy! Some people think they have it all. I know it's not nice to be … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Panoply