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Weekly Prompts Word White


Hi Everyone!

Do you know when Chinese New Year starts this year? It’s February 4.
This is the year of the rat. Called Chinese Male Rat or Chinese White Metal Rat aka Yang Metal Rate.
This means Chinese Lunar New Year is not the first day of the White Rat Year.
This means Chinese Lunar New Year is not the first day of the White Rat Year. 

The color white is the start of a new year.
The color white also represents pure, fresh, clean, simple and good.
The color white is also used for website backgrounds, charity and non-profit organizations.
The color white in some cultures associated with mourning and death. It means ends one life, beginning of another.

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Daily Prompt: Catapult


Hello! Hello!

Watch out! Their catapulting marshmallows our way! marshmallow

Image result for free clip art heart transparentWatch out! I’m catapulting my heart to you!

Watch out! Look up in the sky, what is the red team catapulting to our blue team! Yech! Red, white and blue paint balls. That’s okay it’s Memorial Day! Image result for free clip art memorial day remembrance

Melon-pult_(HD)Watch out! They’re loading watermelon on their catapult.

Watch out! OM Gosh! They just put Tom in a huge slingshot!!!! giant

Have a great day! HERS retrowoman

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