Hello Everyone! Are you a slugabed? Me? Of course I am! The world wouldn't be normal if there were no slugabeds around. What is a Slugabed?Slugabed is a relatively uncommon noun meaning “a person who lazily stays in bed long after the usual time for arising.” The noun slug, “a snaillike animal; a lazy person, sluggard,” developed from … Continue reading Slugabed

Daily Prompt: Translate

Daily Prompt: Translate Dutch translation: Dagelijkse Prompt: vertalen  Spanish translation: Mensaje diario: traducir Welsh translation: Brydlon bob dydd: cyfieithu  Romanian translation: Promptul de zi cu zi: traduce French translation: Invite tous les jours : traduire  Filipino translation: Araw-araw na Prompt: isalin Polish translation: Codzienne wiersz: tłumaczyć  Have a great day! HERS  Pictures from

Daily Prompt: Seriousness

 Daily Prompt: Seriousness Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Really! Really! Really! Are you really that serious about dragons? In all seriousness what type of dragon do you prefer? Short wings Long wings Fire with a lot of pizzazz  Love the bright green color Seriously love the deep purple & deep blue one Not to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Seriousness