Hello Everyone! "Patience is a virtue". Patience - a smile when someone talks about your size. Patience - waiting for someone to makeup their mind if they really need to buy the third to last item in their shopping cart. Patience - listening to someone go on, and on, and on, about a robin landing … Continue reading Patience

What Am I?

Hi Everyone! Picture One (1) I'm cute, I came alive in volume 1 of a movie, in volume 2, I'm able to do a lot of stuff, and a I do mean a lot of stuff. Picture Two (2) I'm sure you have never seen a racoon like me, except for in the movies. Picture … Continue reading What Am I?

Window Sills

Hi Everyone! What are you staring at? I'm the most handsome cat in the neighborhood! So beautiful! Not the flowers, me Beauty the cat! Milo🐱 Shoot! My nails need clipping! Hope - hurry, hurry, make an appointment right away for my mani-pedi.My response 🙇‍♀️ - You just had them done three (3) weeks ago.Milo 🐱 … Continue reading Window Sills

What is it? – 4 Answers

Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to What is it? #4. First one is a Axolotl Mexican walking fish. Second one Egret Orchid Third one is Tango Dancers Fourth one is Mooncalves & Jacob Fifth one is Skunk Cabbage stinky! Hope you enjoyed my blog on the above items. Have a great day! HopeAnswers to … Continue reading What is it? – 4 Answers


Hello Everyone! I'm stressed = I'm stressed = I'm stressed = I'm stressed = Have a great day! HopeDessert from Weekly Prompts.comMy I'm stressed pièce de résistance = the photo to the right. Clip Art from Bing.comNational Banana Split Day information & photo from National Day This is a test - What are the … Continue reading Dessert


Hi Everyone! Have you ever missed seeing a pothole? Have heard a big blonk when driving?Have you ever bounced ski high when driving?Then you hear kerplunk?Then you see your tire rim go down the street? We're yelling to our neighbor Tom "pothole, pothole!!"Tom yells back it's only a little "hole!" Oh My Gosh!!!! Where did … Continue reading Pothole

What is it? 4

Hello Everyone! I'm a type of salamander, but I do not undergo metamorphosis.What is this little guy's name?I've named him Axle! Hmm! Take a closer look!Bird, animal, orchid? Wow! They are swirling on the dance floor!What dance are they doing? Can you guess who we are? We are fantastic creatures being feed by Jacob. I … Continue reading What is it? 4

What is it? 3 😉😉Answers 😉😉

Hello Everyone! I'm poisonous when rawDifferent shades from off white to deep purple,Different shapes long and skinny or teardrop or bulbous or round or pear or a large grape. Eggplant is my name and come from the nightshade family. I'm tiny,I have arms, legs, eyes, I have a tiny voice,I'm green,My name is Pickett and … Continue reading What is it? 3 😉😉Answers 😉😉