Hello Weather!

Hi Everyone!  Is your weather driving you "bonkers"? Mine is. Monday 10/8/2018 was 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Tuesday was 83 degrees Fahrenheit. Wednesday was 73 degrees Fahrenheit.  Today Thursday 10/11/2018 will be 51 degrees Fahrenheit. This "bonkers" weather will be the same for the next couple of weeks. I'm going to stop complaining, because I don't … Continue reading Hello Weather!

Daily Prompt: Adrift

Adrift  Hello! Hello! Happy Monday! The weather here (Chicago, IL USA) is finally getting warmer. Hopefully by Memorial Day it will stay warm to go swimming in the pool, at the beaches, or the lakes. I love to drift around in the pool, have my hands and feet dangling over the water character I use.  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Adrift

Daily Prompt: Acceptance

dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/acceptance Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Friday (3/25/17) was such a yucky day in Chicago, IL USA. Rain, rain, rain, rain!!!! It reached 82 degrees (Celsius 26.6667) yesterday during the day and by evening it was 40 degrees (Celsius 4.4444). Today it will be 50 degrees (Celsius 10). Of course this is Chicago and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Acceptance

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed with paper at work? There are days when I listen to the news it's so overwhelming with shootings, robberies, car crashes , smash and grabs, etc. I love the days when the weather is sunny, windy, mild temperature, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

Daily Prompt: Exposure 1

Daily Prompt: Exposure 1  Hi everyone! Hope all is well this 23rd day of January, 2017. WOW! This is a pretty good word. What do you think? January 20, 2017 USA has a new president. A lot of reactions gave Mr. Trump a lot of exposure. Especially when he said he was going to run … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Exposure 1