Hi Everyone! 🌬️ Wow! Look at that sea wave! 🌊 Now that's a "billow!" The way the wind is billowing, all four of us will have to grab one end of the blanket before it blows away. I got the lower left hand corner already. Okay I got the upper left corner, I got the … Continue reading Billow

Taxi – Taxi!!!! – Taxi, Taxi, Taxi

Hi Everyone! Taxi coming, wave my hand, saying taxi, taxi, Zoom it goes right by me. Another taxi coming, again waving my hand, saying taxi, taxi, taxi, Zoom this one goes by. Here comes another one, Wave, wave, wave, wave, saying taxi, Taxi, TAxi!!, TAXi!!!, TAXI!!!! Yes it stopped I wonder why? Hey hi Hulk! … Continue reading Taxi – Taxi!!!! – Taxi, Taxi, Taxi