Summer is here! ☀️🚰

Hi Everyone! How is your summer going? Does the sun ☀️ bother you on a hot day? My skin crinkles.Do you wear a hat 🧢 to keep your head covered and cool? Have you heard about the "cooling" hat that is on TV? The Mission hat you activate with water. Let me know if you … Continue reading Summer is here! ☀️🚰

America’s Heroes – Thank You!

Hi Everyone! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank your! Farmers,Truck drivers transporting products from state to state, town to town, suburb to suburb. People creating videos that put a smile on your face, Sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, knitting loom, needle point, embroidery. People are creating items to help others. These items are not only … Continue reading America’s Heroes – Thank You!


Everyone! Have you been befuddled? Or discombobulated? Do you get befuddled when a person starts talking, keeps on, keeps on, on, on, etc. Now this can happen by email, phone, in-person, shopping at the same store, etc, etc, etc. You can't even get your opinion in. Then all of a sudden they say to you … Continue reading Befuddle

Daily Prompt: Guilty

Guilty  Hi Everyone! Are you the one that over feed this flower? Guilty Are you the one that did not water this flower for a week? Not-guilty Are you the one that stepped on this flower on purpose? Guilty as charged. WAIT! Not guilty! What? How can you say that? Someone covered it with a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Guilty

Daily Prompt: Rapid

Rapid  Hi Everyone!  Rapid water!  Rapid gun fire! Fast tennis serve!  The top fast dancers! Time goes by so fast! Speed typist! Have a great day!Hope Assistance from: The Free

Daily Prompt: Float

Daily Prompt: Float  Hi everyone! Hope all is well this 9th day of January, 2017. At this time of year I think of floating down a stream with the sunshine out, mild wind, trees with beautiful leaves, fish are close to top of water looking for food. Instead I'm in mid-winter and the only floating … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Float