Summer is here! ☀️🚰

Hi Everyone! How is your summer going? Does the sun ☀️ bother you on a hot day? My skin crinkles.Do you wear a hat 🧢 to keep your head covered and cool? Have you heard about the "cooling" hat that is on TV? The Mission hat you activate with water. Let me know if you … Continue reading Summer is here! ☀️🚰


Hello Everyone! Are you ready? Today is Thursday 5/20/2021! So what's up with you? Do you ever have days that are full of "pandemonium"? The other day I doing stuff around the condo. All of a sudden I turned around and wondered where did I leave my bottle of water? So I checked the front … Continue reading Pandemonium

Daily Prompt: Slur

Daily Prompt: Slur  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. What did you just call me? Well you are a bbbbbbbbbbbbbblubber mouth so there!!!! Oh shoot I just got done typing the last page of my story and guess what I did? Come on, come on! Guess???? Yep! You are correct! I placed the page right on top … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Slur