Daily Prompt: Fret

Fret Hi Everyone! Hope: Abby what are you fretting about? Abby: Nothing! Hope: Here comes Dot. OM Gosh it looks like she is fretting also! Dot: I just can't believe it! Hope: So what are you fretting about? Dot: You are not going to believe this! Hope: So what happened? Dot: All I can say … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fret

Daily Prompt: Temporary

Temporary Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Do you have a lot of "temporary" things going on in your life? to do list "temporary" hmmmm! To do lists can go on forever I'm only going to run the ad for five (5) days This washer is only a temporary one until they can get a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Temporary

Daily Prompt: Clean

Daily Prompt: CleanΒ  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Here's my "to do" list: Clean floors Clean ovenΒ  Clean top of stop Clean microwave - yech! No one ever cleans up their boil overs Clean the windows and let the beautiful sunshine in Clean the side walk of all the left over salt from the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Clean