Hi Everyone! Abby: Hey girls! Have you met the new neighbor that just moved in next to Nins?Hope, Mable, Dot: No. When did they move in?Abby: Last Friday.Hope, Mable, Dot: Have you seen them yet? Or talked to them? How many live there?Abby: Nins will have to tell you that I haven't seen anyone or … Continue reading Wheedle

Hello – What? ๐Ÿค”

Hi Everyone! Hope: I can't believe it? Dot: Oh! Shot-clog Abby left the building! Hope: Yes!! She just walked right out without paying the lunch bill! What a shot-clog!!!Mabel: I can still see her. Do you want me to give a yell? You know my voice carries for blocks.Hope: Thanks Mabel, I truly love to … Continue reading Hello – What? ๐Ÿค”

Daily Prompt: Stifle

Stifle Hi Everyone! Hope: What do you mean I should stifle? Abby: I'm tired of your voice! Hope: My voice???? Abby: Yes your voice is like chalk on a blackboard!!!! Hope: Well I never, ever thought you would treat me this way. I'm leaving! You can fine someone else to put up with your horrible … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Stifle