Hi Everyone! To me the flower above is unusual. To others who live in the area where it grows may find it beautiful and know it's unusual qualities no one else knows. Tom Jones 1965 song It's Not Unusual."It's not unusual to be loved by anyoneIt's not unusual to have fun with anyoneBut when I … Continue reading Unusual


Hi Everyone! Here's something that opened my eyes this morning while searching for something unusual. I believe I found it. The FarmThe Vegetable Garden With Donkey Lunar BirdLadders cross the blue sky in a wheel of fire Garden 2 I hope you took plenty of pictures with the above artwork by Joan Miro. Joan Miro … Continue reading Biomorph

Daily Prompt: Churn

Churn Hi Everyone! I was just churning away trying to write something unusual about the word "churn". How about churning some butter?Β  or Watching a churning waterfall?Β  Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.com Definition assistance from The Free Dictionary.com

Daily Prompt: Orange

Orange Hi Everyone! Orange? This is really, really a curious, unique, unusual, word to think about. Let me see what I can come up with? Have a great day! Hope Pictures from Bing.com