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undefinedHi Everyone!

Now talk about sashaying – what about this strutting character? undefined

undefinedNow this group is getting ready to strut down the road for lunch. The whole family is going to dine at their favorite spot.

undefined Now this guy knows how to strut!

undefined These two (2) didn’t want anyone watching them sashaying down the road! Okay!! Okay!! Walking, no running. They sashay pretty fast.

Watch out here comes the boss! undefined

The one to me that knows how to sashay is undefined

Have a great day! Hope

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Hello Thanksgiving!

Free-Vintage-ThanksgivingHi Everyone! 

  • turkey_pieThanksgiving is almost here.
  • Are you ready?
  • turkey, ham, meatloaf, beef, pork, venison, shrimp, crab, fish, etc.
    • did I just type fish! salmonOh my gosh!!
    • Yes I did. How about Wild Caught Salmon from what I have read “wild” is better than “farm” raised. How do you cooked it? There are many, many recipes you can find on the web,, a favorite cookbook

Okay that is it for now. I listed so many options I have no idea what to cook.

Do yo know what you are cooking? Nine (9) days to go. Yikes!!!!cranberries

Have a great day! kawaii_dragon_by_ekita23-d7xantnHope (aka little dragon)

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