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Hi Everyone!

Sloths are one of the slowest mammals. They are so slow that algae will grow on their fur. When you look at them you will see a green cast, which helps them hide in the trees.

I would say if you are a couple that are lackadaisical at all times. Slow dancing like a waltz would be the best dance for you and no one would be the wiser.

Do you have any idea what this clip art means?
If you guessed waiting on slow internet you are correct.

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Trees Silent

Hi Everyone! sturdy_tree_T

In a meditation from the late summer of 1876, Whitman writes:

How strong, vital, enduring! how dumbly eloquent! What suggestions of imperturbability and being, as against the human trait of mere seeming. Then the qualities, almost emotional, palpably artistic, heroic, of a tree; so innocent and harmless, yet so savage. It is, yet says nothing.

Illustration by Arthur Rackham for a rare 1917 edition of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

Nearly a century and a half before researchers uncovered the astonishing science of what trees feel and how they communicate, Whitman adds:

Science (or rather half-way science) scoffs at reminiscence of dryad and hamadryad, and of trees speaking. But, if they don’t, they do as well as most speaking, writing, poetry, sermons — or rather they do a great deal better. I should say indeed that those old dryad-reminiscences are quite as true as any, and profounder than most reminiscences we get.

Art by Jacques Goldstyn from Bertolt, an uncommonly tender illustrated story about of the friendship of a tree.

Two centuries after an English gardener exulted that trees “speak to the mind, and tell us many things, and teach us many good lessons,”

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Daily Prompt: Rebel, Forest, Skewed, Core

Rebel See the source image
Rebel with or without a cause?
Forest See the source image
“You can’t see the forest for the trees” is an idiom in the English language used to describe a case in which one is so focused on the details of a given project that he cannot see or understand the whole issue. An idiom is a commonly used figurative expression that differs from the literal meaning of the expression.
See the source image
See the source image Everyone has their own point of view!
Understanding our surroundings.
OR Taste of a great apple.  See the source image
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Daily Prompt: Paper


Hello! Hello! Everyone!

Let me think about this one!!!!

Tree_Transparent_Clipart_PictureWhat is paper? Well it comes from trees, used for – – – wait, wait we all know that. Below is a little more information. Enjoy!
Paper is an incredibly versatile substance made from naturally occurring plant fibres called cellulose. Originally derived from cloth rags and grasses, paper is now predominantly made with wood (in Europe, non-wood based pulp accounts for just 1.3% of pulp production).

4 treesFrom the finest quality paper through to the thickest, strongest corrugated carton, the manufacturing process for this renewable resource is the same: the wood must first be shredded and mixed with water to make pulp. The pulp is then refined, cleaned and agitated before being pumped onto a moving screen or mesh. As the pulp travels along the screen, excess water is drained away and recycled. A paper sheet made from interlocking cellulose fibres begins to form. As it moves through the papermaking machine it is pressed between huge rollers to extract water and subsequently through heated rollers to remove any remaining water. Once the paper has been dried and pressed and depending upon its end use, it may be finished with coatings or other additives which ensure uniform smoothness and thickness.

Paper is all around us. It is difficult to provide a definitive answer to the question, “what is paper?” as its forms and properties are so diverse.

Where to start? Even if one has more noble pretensions than the other, an esteemed literary manuscript and the humble egg box are both equally well served by the paper from which they are made.

Paper products have a vast range of useful applications – it can be made soft and delicate sturdy_tree_Tas the lightest tissue or strong and tough enough to be used as a construction material. And this ubiquitous substance continues to reveal new attributes: paper can be treated and made fire-resistant and it can even be waterproofed and used in boat hulls.

Driven by ongoing innovation in the paper industry, the uses of this infinite natural resource are perhaps only limited by our imaginations.

Here are some Myths & Realities about paper:

  • Palm_Trees_and_Island_PNG_Clipart_ImageMyth: Use less paper, save the world’s forests
    • Realty: The paper industry contributes to keep up forests.
    • The paper industry practices sustainable forest management.
    • The paper industry is not responsible for the depletion of tropical forests
  • paperMyth: Paper industry wants to increase paper consumption.
    • Reality: The paper supports sustainable consumption.
    • Paper is made from renewable raw materials.
    • Recycling spares resources.

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Daily Prompt: Pattern

Hi Everyone! How all is well.

Today we are going with patterns.

Snow 3_14_17 sml sml Do you see a pattern?

salad Do you see a pattern?

Do you see a pattern?png_4107-happy-honey-bee-flying-with-a-buckets-in-front-of-a-orange-bee-hives

tf_inside-flower-header_1500x400_6Do you see a pattern?

You might be thinking I am really bonkers today. How can she be seeing patterns in these pictures? Well as they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. To me the same goes with the pictures – the patterns are in the eye of the beholders. If you use your imagination you will see the patterns.

Have a great day! HERS ettes_caterpillar

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