Hello Everyone! Are you the "derring-do" type of person? Do you challenge yourself in entering a drag race? Are you always saving a little creature that has fallen from a tree? You run to get your ladder and gloves, to put the little creature back up in the tree. How about when you see a … Continue reading Derring-Do

Hello! Knock, Knock, Knock!

Hi Everyone!  Someone is knocking at your door, You run to answer and no one is there. Someone is knocking at your door, You run to answer and no one is there.  Someone is knocking at your door, You say to yourself someone better be there. No one was there, You walk out looked to … Continue reading Hello! Knock, Knock, Knock!

Daily Prompt: Observe

Observe Hi Everyone! What have you observed lately? Observed a tree popping leaves after a long, long winter. Observed a new moon. Observed a crocus, daffodil, tulip opening for Spring. Observed duckling walking behind their mom. Observed all the people walking their animals since Spring has Sprung. Observed people yelling  "Oh my gosh! Whey don't … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Observe

Daily Prompt: Provoke

Provoke Hi Everyone! Hope: What has provoked you lately? Abby: The sun provokes me because it comes up earlier. Dot: The birds provoke me because they are starting to chirp more. Nins: The tree leaves are starting to come out and the that noise provokes me. Peg: The neighbor on the left side of me … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Provoke

Daily Prompt: Suddenly

Suddenly Hi Everyone! How's it going - suddenly a clap of lightning. How's it going - suddenly a tree fell on the street across from me. How's it going - suddenly my neighbors clothesline flew away with the wind. How's it going - suddenly the garbage truck started losing it's contents down the street. How's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Suddenly