Hello October!

Hi Everyone! October is here. Time of year for fall weather. Look forward to Halloween. Plus Indian Summer.ย  Let's not forget the the "tricks" remember no eggs, soap, rotten fruit thrown around. What type of "tricks" = games you can play?ย  I always looked forward to the great stuff in my era. candy fruit gumย  … Continue reading Hello October!

Daily Prompts

Hi Everyone! Conversation Hope: Hello and happy new year! Abby: Hi and happy new year to you too! Hope & Abby: That was the shortest conversation we have ever had!!!! Reservation Abby: Hello! I would like to make a reservation for two at your hotel at the end of January 2018. Hotel representative: Sorry madam … Continue reading Daily Prompts

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Milo made a ton of treats for Santa to share with everyone at the North Pole. ย      Have a Very Merry Christmas! Hope & Milo Clip Art from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com HP Photo Creations (powered by RocketLife)