Hello Everyone! Are you ready? Today is Thursday 5/20/2021! So what's up with you? Do you ever have days that are full of "pandemonium"? The other day I doing stuff around the condo. All of a sudden I turned around and wondered where did I leave my bottle of water? So I checked the front … Continue reading Pandemonium


Hi Everyone! Do you get the feeling you are being stymied no matter which way you turn? The CV-19 information stymies me everyday! Stymied by 6 feet apart? Here I go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally 6.Stymied by no eating in restaurants? Stymied by having to wear a mask no matter where you … Continue reading Stymie

Daily Prompt: Capable

Daily Prompt: Capable  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Sunday I am capable of taking out the garbage. Monday I am capable of cleaning the cat litter. Tuesday I am capable of washing & drying clothes.  Wednesday I am capable of cooking a delightful meal. It's not microwave either. Thursday I am capable of catching up … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Capable