Hello Everyone!

“Patience is a virtue”.

Patience – a smile when someone talks about your size.

Patience – waiting for someone to makeup their mind if they really need to buy the third to last item in their shopping cart.

Patience – listening to someone go on, and on, and on, about a robin landing on their porch railing singing beauty notes.

Patience – thank you for reading my blog!

Have a great day! Hope
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Just Be You

Hi Everyone!

Be confident.

Hope: I know I am right, just have to wait two (2) more minutes.
Abby: Results please!
Hope: Looks like at least two (2) more minutes.
Abby: Results please!!
Hope: Okay here are the results!!!

Abby: Surprisingly you are right this time.
Hope: I’m more confident in my realm, dimension, or universe of testing objects I know about. Abby, thank you for acknowledging I was correct this time around. I’ll see you in two (2) weeks for my next test.
Abby: Oh Boy! I will never hear the end of it.

I believe in being confident, just as long as my head doesn’t get to big for my hats.

Have a great day! Hope
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Hi Everyone!

Are you extraordinary?
Are your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers extraordinary?
What is an extraordinary being?

And no I do not mean a being like E. T. (Extra-Terrestail)
Let me rephase that sentence – do you know an extraordinary person?

If you do have you ever said anything to them?
Wrote them a little note?
Entered them to win an award for what they do?
Have you ever just said thank you for something you noticed they did for someone else?

Have a great day! Hope
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PS: Thank you for reading my blogs!

Hello? Hello? Hello? Are You There?

See the source imageHi Everyone,

Just wondering if you are out there reading my blog(s)?

Are you too busy chasing the rabbits away from your garden?

Are you running around picking up pumpkins, pumpkinsquashes, etc for Halloween?

Are you busy writing your Christmas gift list?

Are you organizing guest list, menu list, dessert list for your festive Thanksgiving diner?
Do you have a favorite recipe for any of the below items?
See the source imagebrussel sprouts
rhubarb See the source image
cauliflower See the source image
See the source imageasparagus

Are you cleaning your home?

Are you washing your favorite pet?

We all have a lot on our plate.

I figured it out – if I had a chef, chauffeur, cleaning service, someone to open/close the doors (now I’ve gone to far), etc.

Image result for Victorian clock Clip Art Black and WhiteNow write down what you would need. WOW! Astounding  why your time goes by so fast. 

Sometimes I say “HOPE! Stop and take a breather. Your friends are waiting for you.”
I would have said “stop and smell the roses”, See the source imagebut I don’t want your nose to get stung by a bee or hornet.

THANK YOU Everyone for reading my blog(s) when you have a chance!!!!

Have a great day! OldDesignShop_DoubleBreastedJacket1895BWHope

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Daily Prompt: Laughter


Hi Everyone!

Laughter makes the heart grow fonder!

Some quotes to brighten your day:


Have a great day! Hope

PS: When you read my blog – did you laugh, smile, grin? If not did it at least brighten your day a little? Thank you for reading my blog!  Hope

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Daily Prompt: Constant

ConstantSee the source image

Hi Everyone!

love, See the source image
See the source imageteaching,
gratitude, See the source image

Thank you for visiting my website. Have a great day! Image result for free clip art painter transparentHope

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Daily Prompt: Courage

See the source imageCourage

Hi Everyone!

How many of us know what courage really means?
Saying words to someone that has loss someone they loved,
Give a loving look at a person who has just loss their love one before their eyes, give them courage to do what they have to do,
Saying words of kindness when someone has been abused,
Give a look of strength to the person that has been abused. Letting them know they can do it!

See the source imageWelcome home soldiers that served in other countries where they loss their lives. No matter where a soldier serves remember they gave their life with love, passion, strength, and especially courage, to keep us save at home.See the source image

For our soldiers that come home, we need to keep their courage up when they are going through tough physical and mental disabilities of war.

Thank you for reading my blog! clipart-crying-pretty-face-smiley-emoticon-256x256-35ad Hope
Have the courage to say hi, thank you, to our soldiers.
Give a dollar or two if you see the same homeless person out on the streets or roads.

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