Daily Prompt: Rapid


Hi Everyone!

 Rapid water!

 Rapid gun fire!

Fast tennis serve!

 The top fast dancers!

Time goes by so fast!

Speed typist!

Have a great day!Hope

Assistance from:
The Free Dictionary.com

Daily Prompt: Athletic


Hi Everyone!

  • png_gymnatics_cartoon_girl_black_and_whiteAre you full of energy today?
  • Powering up for your game today?png_football_player020
  • Stretching you muscles?
  • png_black_white_cartoon_baseball_pitcherTesting your bat?
  • Testing the bowling lanes?png_cartoon_man_bowling_drawing
  • Testing the field?
  • png_cartoon_female_tennis_player_outlineHope is checking that the tennis net is at the correct height!
  • Abby is checking the height of the ping pong net!png_cartoon_tennis_player_outlineShe plays a mean game. 
  • png_cartoon_beach_volleyball_player_outline Spiking the volley ball over the net.
  • png_cartoon_hockey_player_outlineWatch the puck will go straight into the net. YES!! He did it again!
  • Abby: There she goes! Will she make it to the end for a goal? Go Hope Go!!!!png_American_soccer_player
  • Have a great day! Hope
  • Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com
    • PS: The only way I would make it to the end of the soccer field or finish a tennis game is if I had a double! 

Daily Prompt:Invitation

Daily Prompt: Invitation png_bubbles-vector-clip-art-image

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Did you receive an invitation to the inauguration of Donald Trump? Did I nope!

gif_sports019_c_ssHave you checked the dates for the 2017 tennis invitations?

Come on! I’m inviting you to join us at the pub tonight. They’re going to have a great band. 

Oh my Gosh! It’s only the beginning of 2017 and have received twenty (20) invitations to weddings. Do I know all these people you ask? Not really they are second and third cousins children.Image result for Free Printable blank Invitation Designs

Have you started making the bake sale invitations? Don’t forget Mr. & Mrs. Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Smithe (don’t forget the ‘e’ this time). Please remember to check the invitation list before you mail them out.png_brownie-v1

Have a great day! HERS opera-sml