Everyone! Have you ever bumped into someone and chat away, but couldn't remember their name? That's me I'm eye-minded. What's a little embarrassing is when you meet them again, again, and again!I let them know I recogize faces, but don't remember names. And then they say to me - what's you're name. WOW! I'm not … Continue reading Eye-minded

Hello National Teal Talk Day!

Hi Everyone! What is National Teal Talk Day? Teal the color? A dark bluish green to greenish blue. Small babbling ducks? National Teal Talk Day is about: Over 249,000 women are diagnosed annually with ovarian cancer, worldwide. Gather your friends, wear teal for a day out together and talk.Β  Join a group of co-workers for … Continue reading Hello National Teal Talk Day!

Daily Prompt: Compromise

Compromise Hi Everyone! Hope: Hi Abby! How are you today? Abby: Doing great! What about you? Hope: Doing great just like you! Abby: Are you ready to compromise? Hope: Compromise?? What are you talking about? Abby: You know what I'm talking about. Hope: Now I know what you're talking about. You won't even compromise one … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Compromise