Hi Everyone!

Hope: Hello girls. I didn’t realize how astute we all are.
Abby: Wait a minute, Hope do you really think you are astute?

Hope: Of course!
Mabel: Wait a minute you two! Do you both think you are as astute as I am?

Abby & Hope: Yes! Maybe even more so.

Dot: Hi everyone, it’s time to sign off. This can go on and on and on and on for hours. The truth is I’m more “astute” than any of them.

Have a great day! Hope
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Astute is a synonym for “smart”
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Wear a Mask!
Wash your Hands!
Watch your Distance!

Daily Prompt: Squat

Daily Prompt: Squat 

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

  Squat means to squat down and sit on a log or squatter means living on some property that doesn’t belong to you, you’re not paying rent and you hope no one finds you until you are ready to move.

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