Heat Wave

Hi Everyone! It's hot, hot, hot in Chicago, IL, USA How to stay cool in this heat? Best is to stay indoors.But many people and children want to be in water, swim, running in and out by the water hydrants , by the beach go in and out of the lake water , going to … Continue reading Heat Wave

Daily Prompt: Permit

Permit Hi Everyone! Do you have a permit to park in that space? Can I see your family's swimming permits? Did you get permission to cut Mrs. Smith's grass? Hey! Wait a minute. You need a permit to replace those windows. Did you hear what it cost for the renovation of the old garden fence … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Permit

Daily Prompt: Adrift

Adrift  Hello! Hello! Happy Monday! The weather here (Chicago, IL USA) is finally getting warmer. Hopefully by Memorial Day it will stay warm to go swimming in the pool, at the beaches, or the lakes. I love to drift around in the pool, have my hands and feet dangling over the water character I use.  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Adrift

Daily Prompt: Exquisite

Daily Prompt: Exquisite   Hi everyone! Hope all is well. What an exquisite gown? Did you ever see such an exquisite living room? WOW! Did you see our neighbors Exquisite new car? Exquisite grill, I have never seen a design like that before. Look at those rims - Exquisite. Look inside - look at the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Exquisite