Heat Wave

Hi Everyone! It's hot, hot, hot in Chicago, IL, USA How to stay cool in this heat? Best is to stay indoors.But many people and children want to be in water, swim, running in and out by the water hydrants , by the beach go in and out of the lake water , going to … Continue reading Heat Wave

Milo M. Stewart

Hello Everyone! Hope your July 4th was full of fun, delicious food, ice cream, popsicles, games, sun screen all over, spray to keep the bugs away and plenty, plenty of water! And don't forget about your animals and need water and food to survive and to be kept indoors as much as possible to keep … Continue reading Milo M. Stewart

Daily Prompt: Filter

Daily Prompt: Filter  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Let's see what uses a filter? Well fish tank , car oil filter , air conditioner filter, water faucet filter, furnace filter , sunscreen filters the sun rays ,  the best filter of all is the one used for a swearing mouth ! Have a great day! HERS  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Filter