Abundant or Copious

Hello Everyone! Do you prefer to use abundant or copious?Both words have the same meaning. The more common term abundant is often used of items that are highly valued: abundant wildlife, abundant natural light. Oh my gosh, where are my sunglasses? Never mind will use my umbrella instead. Where the heck is my umbrella? The adjective copious is more often used … Continue reading Abundant or Copious

Daily Prompt: Radiant

Radiant Hi Everyone! How radiant she looks walking down the aisle. The rose is so radiant in the sunlight. Look at his smile. It's so radiant you need sunglasses. WOW! Are you feeling radiant heat in the sand. I have to put my clogs back on before my feet burn up. The twins are so … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Radiant

Daily Prompt: Glaring

Glaring Hello Everyone! I could tell this morning it was going to be hot this afternoon with that glaring sun. Those stain glass windows are so clean, you really can't see what the figures are suppose to be the way the sun glares down on them.  Wow! Look at those ornaments they are dazzling. I'm … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glaring