Lunisolar 🌞🌕

Hi Everyone! Sun and Moon Art Print by nadja | Society6 Did you know "Lunisolar" is the joint actions of the moon and the sun, according to Sun And Moon United Painting by Art by Danielle Fine Art I learn something new today! Have a great day! HopeLunisolar from Dictionary.comArt Prints from Society6 … Continue reading Lunisolar 🌞🌕


Hi Everyone! First question: How are you today?Second question: Are you working on your garden?Third question: What are you planting this year?Fourth question: Do you think the sun will ever come out?Fifth question: Did you get a new garden gnome? Have a great day! HopeClip Art from Bing.comPhoto of Ekaterina Guseva statue at Pinterest.comQuiz word … Continue reading Quiz

Daily Prompt: Provoke

Provoke Hi Everyone! Hope: What has provoked you lately? Abby: The sun provokes me because it comes up earlier. Dot: The birds provoke me because they are starting to chirp more. Nins: The tree leaves are starting to come out and the that noise provokes me. Peg: The neighbor on the left side of me … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Provoke

Daily Prompt: Dim

Dim Hi Everyone! The light bulb is dimming, better get a new one. The lite candle is slowly dimming, it's close to the bottom of the wick. The sun is setting, dimming the sky, Soon the moon will be up, bringing a moonlit night.  Each day we dim a little ourselves. Then a surprise comes … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dim

Daily Prompt: Shimmer

Shimmer  Hello Everyone! Look at all the shimmering stars in the sky tonight. Did you see the moon shimmering on the ocean water? It almost looks like it's a walkway to the moon. Come on! Come on! We're going to miss all the shimmering fireworks in the sky! When I look at my wind chimes … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Shimmer

Daily Prompt: Glaring

Glaring Hello Everyone! I could tell this morning it was going to be hot this afternoon with that glaring sun. Those stain glass windows are so clean, you really can't see what the figures are suppose to be the way the sun glares down on them.  Wow! Look at those ornaments they are dazzling. I'm … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glaring

Daily Prompt: Blanket

Blanket Hi everyone! Hope all is well this first day of May, 2017. Today in Chicago, IL USA at 9:30 AM we have a blanket of sun! When you go skiing do you check to see if they have had a fresh blanket of snow when you get there? April showers brings a blanket of … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Blanket

Daily Prompt: Fry

Fry Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Today's special ham & two (2) fried eggs @ $2.99 includes hash browns, toast! ME: I'm frying in this heat!  NINS: Are you kidding I love it. ME: Did you put on a super, super, super sun block so you won't burn while frying in this heat? NINS: … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fry

Daily Prompt: Cranky

Cranky  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. ME: Today the sun is out, no clouds in sight, temperature in the 50's, it's Friday, what more could you ask for? NINS: So what!! It could always change when we go out to lunch. Winds at 50 miles per hour, temperature drops to the 30's, etc, etc, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cranky

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed with paper at work? There are days when I listen to the news it's so overwhelming with shootings, robberies, car crashes , smash and grabs, etc. I love the days when the weather is sunny, windy, mild temperature, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Overwhelming