New by Discover Prompts

Hello Everyone! New Spring sounds robins are here, geese partners are here, New Spring knit challenge to undo the unfinished blanket and give it a new design. New Spring sounds you hear soil moving as the crocus, daffodils, and soon to be tulips are popping up, New ideas popping all over the world to help … Continue reading New by Discover Prompts

Daily Prompt: Fact

Fact Hi Everyone! Is that really a fact? Fact is; You colored your hair, Painted your finger and toe nails (mani-pedi), Purchased new makeup brushes, Your eyebrows were shaped, Your lipstick a wow color of red, So what is the fact about all the above facts? FACT IS - Spring has sprung and I deserved … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fact

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

Daily Prompt: OverwhelmingΒ  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed with paper at work? There are days when I listen to the news it's so overwhelming with shootings, robberies, car crashes , smash and grabs, etc. I love the days when the weather is sunny, windy, mild temperature, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Overwhelming