Daily Prompt: Degree

Degree  Hi Everyone! How many degrees has that snail moved in the last two (2) minutes? Look, my snail has moved one (1) degree more than yours! You two (2) are bonkers! My snail has move 4 (four) degrees more than both of yours. Have a great day! Hope Definition from The Free Dictionary.com Pictures … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Degree

Daily Prompt: Jiffy

Jiffy Hello Everyone! I love Jiffy peanut butter, I love Jiffy popcorn,  Come on! Come on! We have to get to the show in a jiffy before the movie starts. ME: Mable better start moving in a jiffy if she expects to beat Abigail over the next hurdle. ZELDA: Are you kidding me? ME: Mable's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Jiffy

Daily Prompt: Mope

Daily Prompt: Mope Hi everyone! Hope all is well! Well I'm trying to catch up from last year's "Daily Posts". Almost done so please be patience. Okay, what a word "mope".  Well let's get started. Do you know anyone that mopes around when they don't get their way? Do you know anyone that will just … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Mope