Helloooooo Everyone! I think I just "foozle" the spelling of hello. Oh My Gosh! He doesn't realize he "foozled" the golf ball. Abby: I hope, Hope didn't "foozle" her chili this year with those super hot peppers she gets.Nins: Me too! She gets so "foozled" when she's making it. Hope: Oh My Gosh, Willow - … Continue reading Foozle

Daily Prompt: Tender

TenderΒ  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Happy Friday! Do you remember the song by Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender? That was a beautiful song. Have you tasted the new chicken tenders Mable made? Recipe not too good. ME: I was crying with all the tender moments in the movie. What about you? PEGS: Me too. I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tender