Hi Everyone! Hope: Hello girls. I didn't realize how astute we all are.Abby: Wait a minute, Hope do you really think you are astute? Hope: Of course! Mabel: Wait a minute you two! Do you both think you are as astute as I am?Abby & Hope: Yes! Maybe even more so. Dot: Hi everyone, it's … Continue reading Astute

Daily Prompt: Radiant

Radiant Hi Everyone! How radiant she looks walking down the aisle. The rose is so radiant in the sunlight. Look at his smile. It's so radiant you need sunglasses. WOW! Are you feeling radiant heat in the sand. I have to put my clogs back on before my feet burn up. The twins are so … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Radiant

Daily Prompt: Natty

Natty Hello! Hello! Everyone! Hope your day is going well. I have never heard of natty before. So I learned something today. So let's get started. WOW! Look how natty he looks in his three (3) piece suit! Look at those smart dance outfits everyone is wearing on the dance floor. The bride and groom … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Natty