Birds, birds, birds

Hi Everyone! Do you have a favorite bird? Is it small? Is it large? Is it huge? Dull color? Wild color? Wow! Color? Small like a sparrow Chipping sparrowLarge like an ostrich Huge like a penquin EmperorDo you have a bird you can sit and watch all day?Isn't it a wonder how they survive.Look for … Continue reading Birds, birds, birds

Daily Prompt: Bite

BiteΒ  Hi Everyone! Huge bite.Β  Medium bite. Small bite.Β  Which one do you have?Β  Have you ever counted the number of bites you take in one (1) minute?Β  When biting your food, does it depend on "WHAT" you're eating?Β  YUM!!!! Have a great day! HopeΒ  Clip Art from & Graphics