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Old saying “nectar” is the “drink of the Greek and Roman gods”

I think a good fruit nectar is refreshing, tasty, you want to drink more and more.
My mango nectar makes me feel like a goddess lounging on my couch, with the breeze flowing through my hair.

Light mist of ocean water refreshing my skin. Taking a dip in the ocean before going in for the night.
Come to think of it a pool might be better and safer, you never know when a shark may come swimming by.

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Mallet

MalletSee the source image

Hi Everyone!

Mallet for croquet,
Mallet for polo,
See the source imageMallet as drumstick,
Mallet as a percussion instrument,
Mallet as a hammer to work with chisel or wedge,See the source image
See the source imageMallet used by a judge in court,
How about a mallethead shark?
See the source imageDon’t confuse mallet with mullet hair cut.

Have a great day! Hope

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