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Daily Prompt: Moxie

rosie riveterMoxie

Hello Everyone!

Do you have moxie? vintage woman

What is moxie?

banana-split-clip-artWell let me tell you – you are full of energy, pep, courage, determination, know-how, and much, much, much, much more! So there!

Did you ever bite your tongue before you said something to someone? Now if you said no, I would have to say, think again. I know I have and thank goodness I did. lollipop7Or better yet instead of biting my tongue I stuffed a lollipop in my mouth which helped! Plus taste great.

retrowomanIt’s very interesting how many people just keep going on, and don’t realize how many friends they have lost over the years. Would you say this person has moxie?

No moxie for them just ignorance.

So let’s get with it and stir up some moxie!!!!
Is there an age limit? Yes! You must be 51 and older.
In fact the older the better! Seniors get to have more moxie as their get older!

Right SENIORS?? train-conductor-Bruce

We have earned that right. Of course we do follow courteous rules.

  • Baby-Boop-Baby-2You younger ones from 1 year to 50 years, sorry you have to hold it in for awhile. Once you reach 51 years you can start letting loose. A little, little, loose.
    • you have to have finesse,
    • refinement,
    • the art of knowing who, when, what, where, why you want to be moxie,
    • don’t spoil your moxie before it’s your time,
    • Most important your moxie should be respectable, not degrading, vengeful, insulting, slanderous. 

This is my moxie for today. I wonder how much moxie I will have tomorrow.

Have a great day! Hope clipart-cool-girl-call-me-smiley-emoticon-512x512-67de


Baby’s breath Baby’s Breath – Happiness 

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Daily Prompt: Gate


Hello Everyone!

How many definitions are there for gate? Let’s see!

  • angel10Gateway to Heaven, “cool”,
  • Gateway to Hell, “hot” – way too “hot” for me, devil-29973_640hope my stay is short,
  • Be nice and hold the gate for our senior neighbors,
  • OM Gosh! Who ran into Mr. Vince’s fence? They really smashed his gate in pieces. It was so beautiful. Colorful_Fence_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image
  • Have you ever heard “gate to riches”?
  • Shoot! I forgot to leave the back gate unlocked for the gardener? Turning around!!
  • We take the portal to the right for Mars, the left one is to Saturn. 
  • revolving doorI never go through a revolving door, have a fear of catching my arm, purse or leg.

How many gates, portals, entrances, barriers, revolving doors have you gone through in your life so far?



Have a great day! Hope woman writer desk2

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Daily Prompt: Dormant


Hello Everyone!

png_10868-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Nervous-Cartoon-Funny-Face-With-Panic-Expression-Vector-With-Violet-BackgroundHave you been feeling dormant lately?

You know what I mean – right?

  • If you don’t to me my brain gets stagnant, png_10872-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Scared-Cartoon-Funny-Face-With-Panic-Expression-Vector-With-Blue-Background
  • png_5827_Royalty_Free_Clip_Art_Healthy_Brain_Cartoon_Character_Joggingneeds fresh air
  • everyone needs a breather
  • open up your brain to new things in the worldpng_cartoon-children_052
  • take deep breaths
  • png_Cute-Little-Yeti-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-Waving-For-Greeting-With-Speech-Bubble-And-Text-Yo-VectorStop! Stop! Stop! Take a day of vacation. This is especially for seniors that are constantly run here, run there, run back again.

Once you get the cobwebs out your brain will say THANKS! 

Have a great day! Hope clipart-cool-girl-call-me-smiley-emoticon-512x512-67de

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Daily Prompt: Zip

Zip jpg_Car00500

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

music-notes-clip-art-png-MUSIC“Zip a dee doo dah, zip a dee ay”, lyric from – “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” is a song composed by Allie Wrubel with lyrics by Ray Gilbert from the Disney 1946 live action and animated movie Song of the South, sung by James Baskett. For “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”, the film won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and was the second in a long line of Disney songs to win this award, after “When You Wish upon a Star” from Pinocchio. In 2004 it finished at number 47 in AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songs survey of top tunes in American cinema.

13125778131634500184Angry-Woman.svg_.hi-www.clker_.com_ Zip IT!

This is embarrassing – how can you tell a male person his zipper is down?

Wow! Look at them zip along on those skates.

Did you ever notice it takes longer to unzip luggage? You would think it would be a lot faster.

png_cartoon_girls_032Wow! Those seniors have a lot of get-up-and-go for their age. Ages are 65-95+!

Well it’s time for me to zip along!png_cartoon_girls_031

Have a great day! HERS

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