Hi Everyone! What a mouthful! 😮 Now have you ever been at a concert and all of a sudden there's confetti, paper horns blasting, people yelling more, more, more!!!!That's "brouhaha" Then the leader waved his guitar in the air,Everyone quieted down,One note was played and the band walked off the stage. The crowd was in … Continue reading Brouhaha

Word of the Day: Haunting

Hi Everyone! Dot: Where are we going? Nins: We are going to the most famous haunted house ever built. Dot: Are you sure you want to go there? Nins: Sure let's give it a try. Dot: Okay but don't embarrass me! Nins: What do you mean? Dot: Well like screaming, running, ducking, banging on doors … Continue reading Word of the Day: Haunting

Daily Prompt: Tantrum

Tantrum Hi Everyone! Have you ever had a tantrum? At what age? 2 months old, 1 year old, 4 years old, 10 years old, 15 years old, 21 years old, 34 years old, 46 years old, 58 years old, 68 years old, 79 years old, 88 years old, 99+ years old. No matter what age … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tantrum