Hi Everyone! I believe most people think "intoxicate" means people are on highs from alcohol or drugs. Me I think of "intoxicate" as feelings, scents, smells, adventures;love,friendships,scent of blooming flowers in the Spring,scent of ocean, sea, river, scent of fresh baked pie,scent of new perfume,riding in air balloon,the hunch you felt was true,reading a fantastic … Continue reading Intoxicate

Daily Prompt: Cling

Daily Prompt: Cling  Hi everyone! Hope all is well on this 15th day of January, 2017. So what have you been clinging to lately? Look at all that ivy clinging to that house. The people can't even see out of their windows. I would be claustrophobic. What did you spray on this morning? That scent will really, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cling