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RDP: Intimate

Hi Everyone!

Today is Valentine’s day, Thursday February 14, 2019.

Do you and any of your friends have intimate conversations?

For Valentine’s day are you going with your partner to an intimate setting cocktails, dinner, and especially dessert?

Now remember an intimate place doesn’t have to be an expensive place. It’s whatever the two (2) of you want to do.

Maybe your favorite local restaurant, Burger King, McDonald’s,  Shangrila.

Shangrila could you imagine being there what a romantic place, view, atmosphere, people. That would be unbelievable!

See the source image

Romantic eateries;
Ay Ay Picante, Chicago, IL
Penumbra Wine Bar Chicago, IL 
Zia’s Trattoria, Edison Park, IL 
Fogo de Chao Brazilian SteakHouse, Rosemont, IL

Have a romantic day! Hope

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Hello “A LA Carte”!

Hi everyone! veggies
Have you ever wondered what “A La Carte” means?
It took me awhile of the true meaning before the light bulb went on for me.
It’s not the way a food is cooked.
It’s not the way a food is served.
It’s not a specific menu of special foods.
See the source imageSome people don’t realize until they get the bill and go WOW at the total.
It’s the way items are priced individually. It’s not only the food it is also the drinks you are having.
So if you think you are getting a deal because the price of each item looks cheaper, in the long run your total bill could be higher than if you ordered a complete meal. 
Depending on the restaurant “A La Carte” raspberrymay work out better for some if you don’t want certain foods that come with a complete meal. Now if you can substitute what you don’t want with something you prefer than stick with the complete meal.
The main think to me is to enjoy your food with family and friends.See the source image
Have a great day! twin boy girlHope
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Daily Prompt: Deplete


Hi Everyone!

  The water hole for the bison is almost depleted. We will have to haul some in. Watch out for that bison over there, he’s very upset. 


The latest on the specific farm fish are so depleted, there will not be enough to service restaurants.

My brain cells are so depleted, I can’t think of what I want to write next.

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Control


I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. Marilyn Monroe
Read more at:

WOW! Did you see that? The guy in the red plaid jumped over his desk and then the guy in the red striped shirt jumped up right in front of him. They both collided to the floor. box

cute_baby_girl_with_red_hair_and_pink_bowCome on now, control yourself. It wasn’t your fault.

Hey! Who had the best control last night at the drag race? png_nascar-003

waiter-hiHey! Control? Control? Who was in control last night at the restaurant?

Hey! Are you kidding me? Did you see them “moon” the players on the field? baseball

Hey! What’s up with Matilda’s brother? All of a sudden he went out of control and smashed his motorcycle into her car.

Hey! I’m out of control with using “Hey!”Cheshire_Cat_Smiling_1

Have a great day! HERS  20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Daily Prompt: Automatic

Daily Prompt: Automatic png_Rose-vector-clip-art-image.png

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Image result for free clip art door transparentMy friend: BONG! Hey what happened with the door?
Me: Uh oh! The automatic door is not working today. Didn’t you get the memo?

Hurry up! We have to get to the laundromat to get the automatic washers, instead of the wringer ones.

Do you just do certain things automatically every day of the week?

  • Monday do your eyebrows happy-eyes-clipart-for-kids-eyes
  • Tuesday color your gray hairs
  • Wednesday wash, dry, iron clothes
  • Thursday shop for new jeans
  • Friday meet up with friends at neighborhood restaurant png_kid-53108-094
  • Saturday it’s time for the hair salon
  • gif_tm140_realtorsSunday after this week I need a break

When you see someone across the room at a party, your eyes meet and automatically see love birds over your head. 

WOW! So many things are done by automatic deposits, withdrawals, reminders, invites, posts, calculations, issue checks, in this day and age what will come next????

Does anyone use pen, png_education-088-bw pencil, eraser, calculator, paper, typewriter, read a png_5839_royalty_free_clip_art_smiling_brain_cartoon_character_reading_a_bookbook, magazine, reports?

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_017

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Daily Prompt: Tempted

Daily Prompt: Tempted daily prompt tempted

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

daily prompt temptedHave you noticed that when you are trying to lose weight, someone comes over to you and tempts you?

Come on! Come on! Two pieces of candy won’t hurt. Were you tempted?

Come on! Come on! We can share a buttered popcorn at the show. daily prompt temptedWere you tempted?

daily prompt temptedCome on! Come on! I’m hungry after the play, let’s stop at our favorite restaurant! Were you tempted? 

Come on! Come on! I have room for dessert, don’t you? Were you tempted?

Come on! Come on! I have a taste for a banana split!!!! daily prompt temptedWere you tempted?

Come on! Come on! You know you were tempted BUT I know you resisted your friends temptations.

The temptations are out there every morning, every afternoon, every evening, every time you go some where, even your home. Bravo! To all those that have resisted.  To all those that couldn’t resist a temptation DON’T beat yourself up! It’s done, it’s over, get a move on, that’s right move on!

daily prompt temptedI found out it doesn’t hurt as long as you know your limitations on temptations.

Have a great day! HERS  daily prompt tempted

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Daily Prompt: Maddening

Daily Prompt: Maddening

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

What a maddening word “maddening” is. 

Do you do “maddening” things to others – like:

Talk with you mouth full? Image result for free clip art restaurant transparent

Chew celery when talking on the phone?

Image result for free clip art concert transparentLook around in a restaurant, show, concert instead of paying attention to the people you are with?

You hear a co-worker say I’m sooooooo bored Image result for free clip art office transparentwith my work?

Do we have to go there? It’s not my style of eatery.

What do you mean I can’t wear that type of outfit? Well I never heard of anything like that – I’m not going and that’s it. Image result for free clip art crowd transparent

Have a great day no matter what happens! HERS png_cartoon_girls_005

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Cheshire can be maddening at times