Daily Prompt: Interest

Interest Hi Everyone! People have different interests that help them relax after work.ย  Plus a great number of Seniors aka Senior Citizens. Younger generations would be surprised what they do! How do I know this? Because I am a Senior Citizen and proud of it!ย  Keep their minds learning. Keep their bones and muscles flexible. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Interest

Daily Prompt: Yarn

Yarn Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Yarn away! Love, love, love all the different colors, red, green, purple, yellow, orange, ombre (multi-color), etc, etc, etc, etc. What do I do with all this yarn? I knit: finger less gloves, hats,ย  scarves,ย  baby blankets, pet blankets. It's fun It's relaxing It keeps brain in motion … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Yarn