Hello? Hello? Hello? Are You There?

Hi Everyone, Just wondering if you are out there reading my blog(s)? Are you too busy chasing the rabbits away from your garden? Are you running around picking up pumpkins, squashes, etc for Halloween? Are you busy writing your Christmas gift list? Are you organizing guest list, menu list, dessert list for your festive Thanksgiving … Continue reading Hello? Hello? Hello? Are You There?

Daily Prompt: Farce

Farce  Hello! Hello! Did you hear his and her speeches? What a farce! Did you go to Dolly's play? She's really a good writer. She had enough farce going on in the play that everyone was laughing.  HOPE: How did you like my farce meat? It was a new recipe I found online. NINS: Wellllll! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Farce