Β  Hi Everyone! Puzzle? Hmm! Puzzle? Ah! Puzzle? Where do I begin? Jigsaw puzzle, Mystery writer's true identity, I am thoroughly confused! Can you repeat your words? What you just said is not what happened! Enigma in Gotham equals "Ed Nygma" AKA the Riddler and the Chess Killer. I didn't know Ed Nygma was aka … Continue reading Puzzle

Go Fly A Kite!

Hi Everyone! Have you ever heard the expression "go fly a kite!" In others words, you're telling someone to go away because they are bothering you. I guess that is a very polite and nice way, instead of being a "rude" person. Β Β Do you feel like you are in the air with your kite? One, … Continue reading Go Fly A Kite!