Quiz Again❓

Hello Everyone! Okay are you ready to get your brain cells going for Tuesday? Dictionary.comQuiz for your tastebuds - ice cream and sherbet I did pretty well, but not a hundred percent. That's okay I learned something new by having three incorrect answers. Now it's your turn to give it a try! Have fun!Hope http://dictionary.com/games/quizzes/this-ice-cream-quiz-is-a-sherbet-to-challenge-tastebuds


Hi Everyone! First question: How are you today?Second question: Are you working on your garden?Third question: What are you planting this year?Fourth question: Do you think the sun will ever come out?Fifth question: Did you get a new garden gnome? Have a great day! HopeClip Art from Bing.comPhoto of Ekaterina Guseva statue at Pinterest.comQuiz word … Continue reading Quiz