Hi Everyone! Happy New Year 2021! What is a "sleuth"? Well, let's see.You can say people considered a "sleuth" person to be nosy, invades your privacy, asks too many questions. People are ready to say "get out of my face". A "sleuth" is actually a detective, investigator, etc.Here's a strange one "breeds" short for "sleuthhound". … Continue reading Sleuth

Hello Whatever!

Hi Everyone! Today is one of those days where anything can happen. How about a day of rest? Yeah right!  How about a day of no questions?  How about a day without a phone call? How about my cat not waking me up at 4 A.M., then 6 A.M.? What am I thinking? How about … Continue reading Hello Whatever!

Hello Light! Hello Dark!

Hi Everyone! What do you like the best light (daylight) or dark (nightlight) skies? For me it's a tough question. Light gives me energy, Light gives me strength, Light gives me hope for a new day, Light gives me comprehension for the day,  Light gives me a warm feeling when when the flowers start to … Continue reading Hello Light! Hello Dark!

Daily Prompt: Panicked

Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art. Ansel Adams  Read more at: Brainy   Panicked Hi everyone! Hope all is well. What? Where?  Who? Why? When? Were you panicked when you were asked the questions above after the crash? Have a great day! HERS  Pictures from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Panicked

Daily Prompt: Uneven

Daily Prompt: Uneven  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Uneven? UNEVEN?? Un-even??? Unevenly???? Can you believe it? - I don't have any thoughts, words, questions etc... Okay I just asked a question. I can never resist.   Have a great day! HERS  Pictures from,,,,,, from a pigeon,,,,,,,,,,,,,, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Uneven